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About Us

MovieScore™ is a movie rating website with entertainment content. We provide a service for users to rate not only movies, but also each actor in each movie. All votes can be audited to ensure the score is honest and trustworthy. Unlike other rating sites, we are not owned by a major movie studio, thus we have no conflict of interest.

We are creating a YouTuber platform so that YouTube content creators can upload their videos for free to each relevant movie page on our site. We want to grow with the community.

Our mission is to create the best movie content site in the world.

What Inspired Us

MovieScore™ was inspired to exist by 3 things:

Number One

We love Alita: Battle Angel. We felt upset when Rotten Tomatoes and other sites gave it such poor ratings. This put downward pressure on ticket sales and jeopardized a sequel we really want to see. As of April 25 2019, Rotten Tomatoes Top Critics say Alita is "rotten" with 34%, while the people say it is absolutely great at 94%.

Alita: Battle Angel Rotten Tomatoes Score

This discrepancy is extreme and often seen with many movies. That is why we decided that regarding ratings, "People Before Critics" is our policy. Thus our rating is what people want, not what a minority of critics want. Ratings for the people, by the people.

Our first motivation is to give "the people" the primary voice in movie ratings.

Number Two

There have been instances of censorship in the movie rating landscape recently. We decided to make a site where nobody will be censored. No matter what your rating or review, it will never be deleted here. All votes are public, transparent and auditable at MovieScore™.

We believe free speech is essential for a free and healthy society.

Free Speech at MovieScore

Our second motivation is protecting and promoting freedom of speech.

Number Three

We enjoy the challenge of creating something that is (hopefully) useful and beautiful to millions of people. This is our third motivation.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity

We will never accept money in exchange of inflated ratings. So don't even bother to ask.

Free Speech

Nobody will be censored here. We believe free speech is essential for a free and healthy society.


Your vote is equal regardless of your race, gender or political views.


We believe in community. That is why you can upload content here for free and link to your sites, videos and social media.


We believe movie rating sites should remain independent and not be owned by companies that make the movies. In this sense MovieScore™ is independent.


All votes are auditable, so that anyone can verify our ratings and make sure none are deleted or censored. Each score has an audit page conformed by all the votes.

Voluntary Openness

Users can choose to open up more information on their votes on the audit pages, disclosing their name, last name, picture and social networks; but only if they choose to. (You can already disclose your name and last name. Picture and social networks disclosure coming soon).

Innovative Features

Review Actors

Let's Rate Actors

Introducing actor audience score.
Rate each actor in each movie.

Honest, Auditable Reviews

Anyone can audit our ratings anytime and validate each vote.

Impossible Censorship

We protect free speech. Your vote and review will never be deleted.

People Before Critics

The main rating is the user rating, not the critics rating.

7 Level Verification

Prove you are not a robot with 7 point account verification. Currently 3, rest coming soon.

YouTube Creator Platform

Post your videos on our site to grow your ad revenue and users to your channel.

Blog Creator Platform

Post your blog article preview on our site to drive traffic to your site.

Open Rating Community

Optionally add your social links to your votes in each audit page (coming soon).

It's Free

The core service is free for all to enjoy. Premium ad-free available soon.

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