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Page Purpose

This page was created so that anyone can audit and verify each and all individual votes that constitute our movie rating. We built this to create the most transparent, honest and trustworthy movie rating process in the world.

Algorithm View

All votes are multiplied by the amount of verifications the user has passed. The more verifications, the more trustworthy the vote is. Each verification increases the vote weight by a factor of 1.

Currently you can verify with your email, with your Facebook account, and with your Google account. We will add phone call verification, SMS verification, credit card verification and Kickstarter verification in the near future.


user_rating_weight = (user_rating x user_verifications)

movie_rating = (sum_users_rating_weight / sum_verifications)

Algorithm Walkthrough

First, we get the weight of each vote:

user_rating_weight = (user_rating x user_verifications)

For example, let's say one user rates 9/10 and has passed 3 account verifications:

27 = (9 x 3)

Then we get the global movie rating:

movie_rating = (sum_users_rating_weight / sum_verifications)

For this movie, we have 0 votes, together they sum 0 account verifications and have a combined weight of 0:

0.0 = (0 / 0)

Personal Info

Users explicitly choose to share name, last name or both. Email is always anonymized for users safety, using only the first character of each email part.

Original Time

Votes are ordered by the time they were originally cast. This means that if the vote was ever updated, it is not ordered by that update time, but by the first original time. Time format is year-month-day hour:minute:second.

Name Email Rating Verifications Weight Cast Original Time
No votes yet *@*.* ? ? / 3 ?? 0000-00-00 CDT